Every MANEKIBOOK Notebook has the Paper Refill Blocks functionality. When you run out of pages to write on, simply replace your existing Paper Block with a new one and continue using your Notebook. The high-quality material of the leather cover of your Notebook, its manual production, and the Paper Refill Blocks jointly allow the virtually infinite use of the book. 120 pages inside.


Obsessed with quality, we hand-pick unique natural leather pieces in Italy in order to ensure your Notebook will look better and better, year after year. While creating your Notebook we use full-grain, sturdy pieces of vegetable-tanned leather with natural patterns in the surface. Those gentle, natural lines are as individual as your own fingerprints.


A team of jewelry crafters works on the precious metal of the Notebook’s Seal. All polishing and finishing work is done by hand, which results in a unique, individual metal pattern for each Seal. As time passes, each Seal gets covered by patina and receives its own vintage look.


We use only the highest quality acid-free Italian paper for our refills. The density is 100 g/ which makes touching the paper a true tactile pleasure for those who appreciate quality writing tools. Even more so for people who love to write with fountain pens.

Ideal Gift

Packed in sleek designer’s carton, the MANEKIBOOK Notebook is your ideal gift. Spare elastic bands, information sheets, and a gift note are part of the set.


When you use our bespoke service, you order a custom crafted personal notebook. It can vary from having your initials embossed in the Notebook of your choice, to getting your monogram or individually selecting a unique piece of leather.


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