We are two polar opposites. Restraint and Passion combined for reaching one goal — to create the most unusual notebooks in the world. Two blood brothers — descendants of an aviator dynasty, globetrotters, artisans and pioneers — born in Ukraine. We create our items for bourgeois bohemians and extraordinary personalities from all corners of the planet.

The MANEKIBOOK brand is a continuation of our souls and our creativity. It’s complete madness and an unconscious free-flow of our fantasies that come from travelling, art, love, friends and ourselves.

What is The Art of Notebook philosophy?
We believe that, even in the era of Internet technologies, the Notebook stays an integral part of an effective and thoughtful person’s life. Writing down your thoughts on paper activates the mechanism of their realization, making them more influential than information that can be deleted at any time. We write down the most valuable insights and maturing dreams — and our notebook as a tool for thinking and creativity reflects our inner world and contains the most intimate secrets. For this very reason, we believe that the Notebook can’t be just an ordinary stationery product, nor can its creation be a senseless and automatic process. This is what we call The Art of Notebook.

What is special about MANEKIBOOK notebooks?
Each notebook created by us is unique. There are so many combinations of materials, methods of leather dyeing and processing used so it is impossible to find notebooks which are as alike as two identical fingerprints.

What materials do you use for your notebooks?
We use only the best materials in absolutely different combinations and mixes. From hand finished vegetable-tanned leathers and brass to exotica combined with precious metals and artifacts.

Who or what is your biggest source of inspiration?
Travel, music, Berlin subcultures, free spirits, French artists, Keith Richards, our relatives and beloved people, friends.

What notebook inspires you?
Each notebook created by us is a cast second to none, it’s hard to say… each of them has its own story.

What makes you happy?
The feeling of being alive.

What are your notebooks typically compared to?
Things for crazy people.


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